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The rarest talent is the best hidden

Why Quantum Connect?>

Recruiters – how much do you keep of what you bill?

25% if you’re lucky, less if you’re not.

How does up to 75% sound?

We’re looking for international recruitment entrepreneurs from sales, PR, HR and recruitment backgrounds to join our rapidly growing recruitment network. Take control of your work life and build your own recruitment consultancy, backed by our funding, administrative resources and extensive network of connections.

No matter where you’re from, what your current role is, or how/where you prefer to work, if you’re resilient when times are tough, diligent in your processes and brave enough to take the leap, you’ll fit right in.

We’re looking for driven entrepreneurs from all professional backgrounds; people who are ready to work hard in order to achieve success. If this sounds like you, and you’d like to keep 65-75% of your billings, then get in touch.

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Why Quantum Connect?

Our partners enjoy a six-month interest-free loan to get their consultancy off the ground, all while having access to our comprehensive support. We’ll never tell you what to do, we just supply the tools, resources and people that you need to succeed.

How much could I earn?

Say you bill £150,000 per year. Working for an agency, you might take home £37,500. With Quantum Connect, you’d take home £112,500 – not bad at all! You make the business, you put the work in, you earn the money. Simple.

What do I have to do?

Start your own recruitment agency! You’ll create your own limited company. You’ll be your own boss, and will have full autonomy in order to make your business thrive – we trust our partners completely to grow their business; rely on us as much or as little as you need.

What do I get in return?

We provide a six-month interest-free loan, ongoing access to our support, resources and experienced team, and a protected environment where you can grow a thriving recruitment consultancy of your own.
You’ll gain access to our back-office systems, billing support, cash collection, Invenias executive search software, branding resources, training and development. If you prefer working in an office, you can make use of our regional hubs; if you prefer working from a beach in Jakarta, that’s fine too!

Why not just go it alone?

If you’re ready to go it alone, then good luck! Lots of entrepreneurs are incredibly successful when starting their own consultancies.
However, if you’d prefer for us to take on the initial risk, or if you’d like a middle ground between full independence and employment, then the Quantum Connect route is perfect for you. We offer a unique opportunity for determined professionals to carve out their own piece of the pie, all while safe in the knowledge that you have the support and resources of our established brand backing you up.

Who can partner with Quantum?

We’re looking for the best talent from across the globe. Driven professionals with a drive to create their own business. Whether you’re an experienced recruiter, or you’ve a great deal of industry experience elsewhere, Quantum Connect could be the ideal habitat for you.

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You would keep {{ props.result.isHigherRate ? '75%' : '65%' }} of your billings meaning your annual earnings would be {{ props.formatter.format(props.result.earnings) }} an increase of {{ props.result.percentIncrease }}% *

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Ready to stand out?

Our partners use our experience and resources to stand out from the crowd.

Experienced leadership

Rely on our leadership team to help plan your success.

Strategic excellence

Years of industry experience allow us to create a strategy that excels.

Multilingual team

No matter where you’re operating, we can help you communicate.

Established brand

Use our brand as a springboard for your own.

International reach

We’ve got links with businesses around the world ready for you to use.


We can handle your billing/invoicing requirements.

Communication & PR

We can advise on the right PR steps to improve your brand’s perception.

Uncomplicated business

We operate an uncomplicated business model to keep things running smoothly.

Recruitment software

Our advanced recruitment software expedites an ordinarily complicated process.

HR support

We’ll support you with our in-house HR team.


Our partners benefit from our bespoke business coaching.

Business development support

Our resources are at your fingertips, ready to help build your business up.

Our flexible partnership with Connect feels completely natural – we appreciate their person-to-person approach; it’s good to know that they’re taking a genuine interest in our business.
Pablo Freire
They’ve kept all communications clear, making sure we’re up to speed at every point, and have worked hard to build an open and honest relationship with us.
Stuart Kirby
Our partners love what we do – here’s what they have to say:

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